Yoga Therapy

Receive yoga stretches based on your physical needs.  Excellent for arthritic conditions, those on bed rest, physically disabled and partially immobile, athletes, injury recovery and those desiring a stretch. Let Gina do all the work for you. Just relax and breathe!


  • Increased circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Calms nervous system
  • Promotes integration of body, mind and spirit
  • Excellent for athletes that have become contracted in muscle groups over time.
  • Those with disabilities and chronic illness can experience the benefits of yoga with one on one assistance.
  • Home visits available to chronically ill and disabled

Phoenix Rising Yoga

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy combines classical yoga and elements of contemporary mind-body psychology to facilitate a powerful release of physical and emotional tension. A Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session is a one-on-one process lasting one-and-a-half hours. Through assisted yoga postures and non-directive dialogue, practitioners guide clients to experience the connection of their physical and emotional selves. Using guided breathing, this connection is held and explored, fostering release, personal growth and healing. Visit for more information about this healing modality. Weight limit is 180 lbs.


  • Receive the benefits of Yoga while fully supported by Gina, physically and emotionally
  • Experience what it is you’ve come to heal in this moment
  • Move through physical and/or emotional trauma by allowing it to release from your body tissues
  • Integrate your session healing experience into your life with Gina’s guidance and support
  • Yoga with Therapeutic Benefits for Injury, Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Workshops for Yoga Instructors

Therapeutic Elements of Yoga for Yoga Instructors

Schedule one for your Teacher Training or Yoga Community
Bookings available world wide

Expand your yoga instruction skill set and private practice with Therapeutic Elements of Yoga.  Deepen your awareness of what the body is asking for from the yoga, so you can focus your classes toward individual needs. Review and enhance your awareness of the metaphysical benefits and contraindications of poses. Practice modifications for illness and injuries using props, gentle and restorative poses. This workshop will expand your sensitivity to the needs of your students and your skills to provide private sessions. Assist your students with their healing and watch your clientele grow. Continuing Education Units available.

Yoga Assists with Therapeutic Elements~Masters Class for Yoga Instructors

Schedule one for your Teacher Training or Yoga Community
Bookings available world wide

Practice yoga assists with therapeutic elements that nurture, restore balance and promote wellness. Bring the power of healing touch into your classes and private yoga practice. Your clients will LOVE it!  Practice identifying when it is best to give assists, what to be aware of, and how much to give.  Learn assists for commonly used poses such as, savasana, child’s pose, down dog, fish, camel, pigeon, seated twist and knee down twist; as well as gentle assists that can be used for any pose. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units available.

Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga for Injury, Chronic Illness and Special Needs

Workshops are designed for your needs.

This workshop combines yoga practice and hands on assists that have therapeutic benefits. Gina specializes in designing programs that are sensitive to individual needs. She has worked with a variety of conditions, from sports injuries to chronic fatigue, cancer, arthritis, pre and post natal, menopause, vertigo, depression, brain injury, paralysis and trauma.

Rates: negotiable based on number of participants and length.