Qigong Classes


Qigong for Energy Balance:
Nourishing Qi

Wednesdays, 4:30 - 5:30am

Shape shift and embody nature with Qigong animal frolics. We will practice a primordial qigong series to nourish our life force energy known as qi. Gina will also share energy balancing exercises to support the bodies' response to the seasons, the energy vortex, holidays and life events. We will also practice qigong and lymphatic self massage, sitting, walking and lying down meditations and other practices to nourish qi and improve health and vitality.

Women's Body Temple:
Qigong for Women's Health & Sexual Vitality

Thursdays 9:30 - 10:30am

This practice brings balance to the female reproductive organs and hormones. It also increases overall health and sexual vitality. For men, Qigong is meant to transform jing (sexual energy) into shen (spiritual energy) and qi (life-force). Women's Qigong balances qi, shen and jing. Raised in a yang society, women seek this balance. Embody the divine feminine with a circle of women as we share movement, breath, meditation, prayer and song. You may choose to journal as you practice this form.

When weather permits (above freezing and sunny), we may do some movements outdoors, so dress accordingly. No experience necessary. Modifications and options are provided for physical needs.

Classes held in Crestone, Colorado

Drop In: $10 per person per class
Paid in Advance: 4 classes for $35 paid
Preregistration is requested. Call in advance to drop in: 719.345.6007