Gina Barrett & John Rene Berard

Gina and John Rene are a husband and wife team that have been sharing a Taoist & Yoga based tantra path for 20 years. They share private sessions, workshops, sacred unions, ceremonies, retreats, immersion programs and teacher trainings that include tantra practices, communication & intimacy building techniques in Crestone- Salida, Colorado and well known centers for yoga and health world wide. Individuals of all ages and sexual orientations are drawn to Gina and John Rene’s authentic and playful style, as well as their ability to assist individuals and couples with a wide range of relationship and sexual health concerns. Participants feel at ease within the safe and sacred container they create. Gina and John Rene have been sharing engaging workshops for 30 years. Gina is also the author of  Lighter: Living Tantra.